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Brass Monkeys R1 - The Christmas Cracker: Results and Photos

by Paul Howard, 09 Dec 18. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

"Always expect the unexpected!" That was the hot tip from the Gorrick course team before the races started. And how true it was. Riders familiar with racing at Minley will have had their expectations of where the course was going on lap one after each twist, turn and hill - well and truly muddled up. Even after 11 years of events here the variety never ceases to amaze. Great job again Jon and Pete. The ground conditions also happened to be good with just enough slippery sections to keep concentration and bike handlings levels high. Want to see how your lap times fared? Race timings and Kevin Sheldrakes photographs can be accessed via the links above.

The three Brass Monkey rounds comprise a Series for which you need to ride and get points in every round to be in contention with a Series finishing position. Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category. The points table will be processed and published midweek on this website.

The Gorrick Team, sponsors and supporters wish to take the opportunity to thank you all for taking part in 2018. It's been a pleasure to see so many riders across all our various events and welcome many new and see some of the older faces returning. Have a great Christmas and see you at the Brass Monkey Round 2 New Year Hangover. Keep an eye out on social media for pre-race news updates.