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Swinley Pipeline construction

by Jon Lucas, 15 Jan 08.

If you have visited Swinley Forest in the last 6 weeks you will have noticed that preparation works for a new water pipeline have been carried out along the Old Bracknell Road area of the forest. This involves cutting back the tree line along the route from the Bagshot Road to Surrey Hill and clearing the area.

Work has now started on the pipeline along this route, which involves excavating a trench and inserting a 600mm pipe then backfilling the trench. We have been assured that all this work will take place off the line of the track itself and that where the network of trails and tracks cross the route of the pipeline, there will be adequate fencing and diversions. We will see, but we are already aware of the state of the surrounding tracks and we are pressing the contractor for answers and remedies.

Do check back here for regular updates on progress.