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You can enter TrailTrax events online via the "GO TO ONLINE ENTRY" links. This assures you a place and means you only have to sign-in and collect your map and checkpoint card at the event. Otherwise you can just turn up at the venue on the day of the event and enter then.

  1. Go to the XC Racer website for the Gorrick TrailTrax events.
  2. Choose a category based on your age, whether you're riding solo or as a pair and your preferred time schedule.
  3. Complete your personal details.
  4. You will automatically receive a receipt, which you then take to the events.
  5. Encourage your friends to take part!

That's it. If for any reason the venue has to be changed from that advertised we will email all riders who are pre-entered. Event updates will also be at Twitter and Face Book.

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