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Gorrick G30 Anniversary

by Jane Lucas, 17 Jun 22.

If you’ve been a Gorrick rider for a while, you may be interested in this, as this year marks Gorrick MBC's 30th year of organising events.

We've planned the G30 to be a sociable mtb day for just 100 riders with 4 mini events taking place over the course of a day on Sunday 18th September at Highlands Farm, Frimley Green, Surrey, GU16 6HT. Points will be awarded for each discipline and, at the end of the day, winners will be crowned and receive tidy cash prizes and there'll be beer and cider for all.

Entry is open now and will close when 100 riders have entered. G30 Event Registration will then open at 9am for the collection of number boards with the action starting at 10 and finishing around 5pm.

Event updates will follow on Facebook in the run up to the event.