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TORQ Breakout 2021 - Sat 9 & Sun 10 January

by Jane Lucas, 11 Dec 20.

We hope that you and your families are well and doing ok as we head towards Christmas and (hopefully) a much easier 2021.

After riders' recent feedback on Facebook, the end of Lockdown 2 and in the light of recent Government guidance, we will be running another bespoke XC endurance event at our Highlands Farm venue early in the New Year. As we are not out of the woods just yet, like previous events it will be for a restricted numbers of riders, rigorously risk assessed and with social distancing to the fore. The timing of the event means that the Covid incubation period after the heightened Christmas socialising will have passed.

As before, places will be limited to protect riders and the team. Entry will open on Saturday 2 January at 10am. As we're opening entry late to allow for any eventualities, please don't enter the event unless you're sure you can make it, as we won’t be able to change or refund any entries due to Track & Trace requirements.

Since our last event the team have been very busy at the venue creating half a kilometre of new 'resting' track so you can rest and refuel more easily, so don’t expect the same course. We're also pleased to say that we will be able to welcome back spectators to this event, but they will need to travel in the same car as you and adhere to all the Covid provisions.

The event will be TORQ fuelled, so all riders will receive a TORQ Fitness Gel from our sponsor There’ll also be our unique trophies to be won courtesy of event sponsor Four4th Lights All riders will also be entered in a prize draw for a tasty prize.

will be sent out to all entered riders once entry has closed, containing full event information including health & safety and social distancing procedures.

Will be posted on our facebook page just before the event.

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

Gorrick Team