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Brass Monkeys R1 - Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 29 Nov 21. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

It truly was Brass Monkeys at round one if the ice filled puddles on the entrance road to the venue were anything to go by. But it turned out to be a bright crisp day with trail conditions fantastic for racing. The 6 mile lap was a good tester of fitness and bike handling. Climbs were never that long but always just steep and punchy enough to wear you down. However the descents at PorridgePot always seem to go on and on.

Your results and photographs can be accessed from the links above, and podium photos are on the Gorrick Facebook. Series Points will follow this week.

Thanks for supporting Gorrick this year. Have a good Christmas break and we'll see you back at the New Year Hangover on the 9th January.