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The venue will be signposted, please refer to the Venues page for map links and location details. Where possible all venues have indoor Event Registration, good parking, toilets, hot and cold refreshments and a selection of real ales.

Duration and Categories

There are two time schedules and various categories available. The pre-entry fees are:

180 Minute Schedule (i.e. 3 hours)
28: Pairs (single sex)
28: Veteran Pairs (combined age over 80, single sex)
28: Mixed Pairs
18: Solo Female (18+)
18: Solo Male (18-39)
18: Solo Veteran Male (40-49)
18: Solo Grand Veteran Male (50-59)
18: Solo Super Veteran Male (60+)

120 Minute Schedule (i.e. 2 hours)
22: Family (1 adult + under 16's)
16: Solo

Pairs must always stay together during the event. Under 18s can only ride as part of a pair with a rider over 18 and will not be allowed to compete in the solos event.

The Course / Riding Area

The checkpoints will generally be situated on bridleways and tracks. You choose your route and how many checkpoints you visit (typically 20 are set out, all are active - there are no dummy checks) - do a few or as many as you want, each will have a different points value. The checkpoints will be marked with an orange post with a clipper attached and its location marked with red and white tape.

Start & Finish Times

Event Registration will be open from 8.30am to 10.45am.
Start times for the 180 minute schedule are from 8.45am until 10.15am.
Start times for the 120 minute schedule are from 10.00am until 11.00am.
Riders will not be allowed to start after these times.

Riders can start when they are ready by handing their checkcard to the Time Keeper who will mark their start time. Riders finish by handing their checkcard to the Time Keeper. Riders will receive a 10 point penalty for each minute they are over their schedule time.


The winners will be those with the most points. Ties will be decided by firstly, the shortest completion time, and secondly by the least checkpoints visited, thirdly by earliest start time. Computerised results will be available immediately and full results will be posted on our website.


The prize presentation will take place at approximately 1.35pm with prizes provided by our event sponsor Mountain Trax, 1 Barkham Grange, Barkham Street, Barkham, Wokingham, Berks RG40 4PJ.


Riders must give way to other users sharing rights of way. All riders must hand in their checkcard so we know you have finished and provide an emergency number if you don't! The checkpoint card will have a mobile phone number printed on it to use in an emergency to contact registration during the event. Please remember to carry your mobile phone during the event.

General points

  • All participants must keep to legal cycle routes (NO FOOTPATHS or PRIVATE LAND) and wear a hard shell helmet at all times.
  • Pairs must always stay together.
  • Under 18's can only ride as part of a pair with a rider over 18.
  • You must hand in your checkcard even if you retire.
  • GPS units are not allowed to be used to aid navigation. But you may carry one in a rucksack to record your route.
  • Please respect other trail users to promote the sport of mountain biking.