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What a memorable year & new TrailTrax orienteering events

by Jon Lucas, 20 Nov 02.

Well our tenth anniversary year was memorable, and we don't mean the awful weather, but for the great support that we received for our events. We have had so many riders come up and tell us about their first race (or our first race). There are also several of our Expert riders who started off in the Sprogs way back when. It was good to see the Sprog girls race completed by Sinead a first-timer who was born in 1992! MBUK were in attendance and there will be a report and photos in the 'Zoom' section in the next but one issue.

Over the ten years some of our team have changed, but we have endeavoured to keep up to date with the sport's technology and developments, whilst recognising that good organisation and challenging courses are ultimately what riders want. We listen to what you have to say... We will introduce a new SUPER MASTER category from next year. As for the next few months, there will be a Trail Trax orienteering event on the morning of Sunday 15 December from the Toad and Stumps pub at Eversley Coss, Hants which should be fun. Swinley Forest permit holders get a discount if they pre-enter. After that, the next event will be the start of our Spring Series at the beginning of February. We are currently arranging the sponsorship for the whole Series and also the various categories.

Our biggest challenge next year will be (by popular demand) the Gorrick 100 Enduro Challenge, yes 100 miles off road over the weekend of 7 and 8 June 2003. Once details are confirmed they will be publicised via our web site and info line, and you can either download entry forms, get them from your local shop or write to us.

Here's to the next ten years - and THANK YOU!