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Test Valley TrailTrax report

by Paul Howard, 13 Jun 04. Results [  ]

Our first TrailTrax held in conjunction with the Test Valley Tour was held in glorious sunshine around the quiet trails north of Andover. A good turnout of riders made for close competition in all categories, with a few riders taking the pub option by the look of the scores! Many thanks to the Test Valley Tour team for keeping everyone well fed with sumptuous cakes, sandwiches and drinks. Also to the Mountain Trax bike shop near Wokingham for providing the product prizes

Perhaps today was your first time riding a TrailTrax, so no doubt there might some improvements you could make next time to score higher or choose a more efficient route. So here's your chance, we have two more of these events this summer; 8 and 29 August at Hawkley and East Stratton respectively. Refer to the Calendar and TrailTrax information pages for more detail. But before both of those is a RallyRaid on the 4 July at Alton.

If you have any feedback on the event please email, we value your opinion. To be kept upto date with news about future Gorrick events please sign-up to the Mailing List on the home page. We look forward to seeing you all again.