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These events are 2 day self-supported bike packing events, suitable for both gravel and mountain bikes, where everything is included in the entry fee. Venues will be chosen for easy access to great routes, will have plenty of private parking and also the convenience of a local train station so you can leave your car at home if you wish. From the start venue you will follow a GPX route which will be mainly offroad, avoiding main roads but using short lengths of linking roads, to an overnight stop where you will be able to camp, bivi or hammock and there will be toilets and water.

We値l provide your evening meal, teas and coffees, some real ale and cider, soft drinks and a fireside social, followed by breakfast in the morning before you set off on a different route back to the start. The events are self-sufficient, which means you need to carry everything with you - tent or bivi, sleeping bag, mat, clothes, bike bits, first aid kit, snacks and water, although we do offer a popular camping kit porterage option where your kit is carried for you for which all funds go to My Cancer My Choices .

Once you have entered, we値l keep you updated on the route and email some helpful tips to get the best out of the event. We値l provide details of shops, cafes and pubs along the way to keep you refreshed and stocked up. One week before the event we値l send out a GPS of the route and a Final Instructions email including the details of the start venue.

Depending on the route, we may also offer optional Friday night camping at some start venues, where suitable, at a small additional cost, this allows you to travel by train to a nearby station if you want to. See your chosen event for full details.

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For those new to Bikepacking #1 - suitable bikes and equipment

Pretty much any bike is suitable that can withstand light offroad terrain and mixed surface riding. The ideal is probably a gravel bike or hard tail mtb. Or just ride whatever comes to hand first in the garage! You値l need to be able to carry your equipment on your bike, so a simple roll up attached to your handlebars and top tube together with a back pack will do.

For those new to Bikepacking #2 - carrying your kit

There痴 an adage, which suggests that you use what you have before buying kit, then you値l know what you need not what you want. This is clearly good advice, but you will still need to bag up your kit in some way, so strong carrier bags are a starting point, doubled up for strength and secured to your bike with bungee cords or Velcro straps.

Dry bags are cheap and can be more easily secured with many having built in straps, particularly those for mounting on handlebars or secured under the top tube. Remember to leave enough room for your knees when pedalling. Specialist shaped bags can be purchased relatively cheaply for these areas as well as saddle bags of various shapes and sizes, which will always need securing firmly to avoid swaying as you ride.

Then there is water, and depending on the weather, you may need plenty. Backpack hydration systems are good and you can, as an extra or instead, place a bladder in your frame luggage, but keep this low down. Water bottles are always great as long as you have places to fix holders to your frame, but again there are also some great fixing options to fit these in places you never expected. For inspiration check out these brands: Alpkit, Ortlieb, Blackburn & Planet X.

Finally 2 things to remember think about double bagging everything in case of rain, there痴 nothing worse than a damp sleeping bag and also, test your bike set up before the event by riding offroad somewhere to check that nothing moves about, it痴 so much harder to sort something out on a route rather than at home.

ENTRY IS OPEN NOW and keep up-to-date with event announcements on FACEBOOK.