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Brass Monkeys R2 - Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 09 Jan 22. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

Brass Monkey Round 2 visited the Aldershot Military lands at Hungry Hill which has the highest elevation in the area. It provides the longest climb of any Monkey course, nearing one mile from the Start line to the top. It's always a bit of a wake-up call when you hit that from the gun! Little known fact... in September 2021 a new episode of 'Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon' was being filmed here and 'that climb' was used for filming horse carriages. The course was about 5.3 miles in length with a good mix of open tracks for overtaking and fun singletrack. Under tyre conditions improved through the day as the puddles cleared and lines formed. Only a few short sections were heavy going so overall given the preceding week of weather the venue was very rideable.

This round was very well supported, it's great to see so many enthusiastic riders during the winter willing to put on a race number and enjoy a longer race than the usual XC sprints. As usual all results and rider photographs can be accessed from the Links above. The collated Series Points will be published later during the week. Remember the three Brass Monkey events form a Series so points are allocated to the Top 40 Finishers in each category. You must score points at every round to be in contention for a Series Position. This rewards regular attendees and consistent performances. Series podium presentations will be made at Round 3. Get your entry in now before it sells out.

P.s. We're sorry that some of you may have been delayed driving into the venue. Unbeknown to the organising team the entrance gate had been shut and locked.