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Brass Monkey Winter Series 1 - Results

by Paul Howard, 27 Nov 22. Results [  ]

The 2022 Brass Monkey Series kicked off at a long term favourite venue - Porridgepot Hill at Deepcut. There was trepidation beforehand with the recent amounts of rain, but it really didn't have too much of an effect on the trails. Thanks to the gravel and loam based hillside drainage wasn't an issue. A couple of very short sections got sticky and slippery, but all seemed fairly rideable. The Gorrick Team were pleased to welcome such a healthy turnout with over 300 riders in the 2, 3 and 4 hour categories. Browsing through the lap times (you can access them from the Link above) it's astonishing seeing the consistency and duration of a few riders completing nine laps under 4hrs. Well done everyone.

As a three event Series, riders are awarded points toward a final overall position. Here's how it works:

  • You must score in all 3 rounds to count toward the series overall. The series rewards consistent scoring.
  • Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category.
  • Ties on total points will be resolved by determining the highest finishing position at the last round.
  • In exceptional circumstances with low category entries two rounds will count.
  • Overall series prizes will be presented at Round 3.
  • The Series Points table will updated typically during the week following the event.

Lastly we bid you a safe and happy Christmas, good New Year and look forward to greeting you all back to Round 2 at Hungry Hill, Aldershot on the 8 January.