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Brass Monkey Winter Series 2 - Results and Photos

by Paul Howard, 08 Jan 23. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

That was character building. Well done all the riders today for tackling the inclement weather and changing course conditions - from mildly moist, to wet, to wetter. Your race results and photographs by Kevin Sheldrake can be visited from the links above.

Sorry the podium presentations weren't held after each race. We felt given the frequent downpours, once riders were into their dry kit wouldn't want to hang around. If you didn't collect your Top 3 trophy from registration it will be available at round 3 on the 29th January at Minley Manor. Don't forget if you have already competed in both rounds 1 and 2 scoring points, at round 3 you will be eligible for a final series position. The Series Points table from R2 will be updated in a few days.

Thankyou to our sponsors Four4th Lights, Mountain Trax and Vittoria Tyres.