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Getting back to our roots, we'll be running two Autumn Classic XC race events this Autumn on Sunday 24 October and Sunday 14 November. There will be categories for riders of all ages and abilities from age 8+ on a classic course at our all-weather venues. The events will be run according to the Government Coronavirus and BC guidelines current at that time.

Expect a friendly, well organised event with a 4 mile, prepped course with enough overtaking places to ensure highly enjoyable racing. There'll be trophies and prizes presented on the podium plus spot prizes to be won. The arenas will have full facilities including quality catering and toilets and will be very spectator friendly.

Date Event Information Venue / Map
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All categories for riders 17+ are based on your age on 31st December of the current year.

Type of Category Category Name Ages Laps Male Laps Female Description
Ability Beginner 12+ 1 1 For those starting out in racing new to mtb
Ability Fun 12+ 2 1 The starting point for regular mtb riders new to racing
Ability Open 16+ 3 2 For those who’ve done some racing and want to race for longer
Ability Sport 17+ 4 3 The next step up from Open when you’ve got the racing bug
Ability Expert 19+ 5 4 A very competitive category
Age Veteran 40-49 3 2 Age defined for more experienced, competitive racers
Age Veteran Plus 40+ 4 n/a For older, competitive male racers looking to ride 4 laps
Age Grand Veteran 50-59 3 2 Age defined for more experienced, competitive racers
Age Senior Veteran 60+ 2 n/a Age defined for more experienced, competitive male racers
Under 11s Under 11 8th birthday to the day before 11th birthday 1 shortened 1 shortened Age defined
Under 13s Under 13 11th birthday to 31st December of the year of their 12th birthday 1 shortened 1 shortened Age defined
Juvenile 13-14 Riders in the year of their 13th or 14th birthday 2 2 Age defined
Youth 15-16 Riders in the year of their 15th or 16th birthday 2 2 Age defined

Start Times

Registration will be open from 8am and the start times will be.

Race Start Time Category Name
8.45am Youth Male
8.46am Juvenile Male
8.47am Youth & Juvenile Female
8.50am Under 13 Male & Female
8.51am Under 11 Male & Female
9.30am Male: Open, Fun and Beginner
10.30am Veteran Male
10.33am Grand Veteran Male
10.35am Senior Veteran Male
11.30am Female: Expert, Sport, Veteran, Grand Veteran, Open, Fun, Beginner
1pm Expert Male
1.02pm Veteran Plus Male
1.05pm Sport Male

Pre-entry for the events are now open and remain open until late on the Wednesday before an event, and you can enter on the day from 8am. All pre-entered riders will receive a pre-event information email in the week leading up to the event and course updates will be posted our Facebook.