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TrailTrax results

by Paul Howard, 15 Dec 02. Results [  ]

What a wide range of scores our competitors achieved at todays TrailTrax orienteering ride.

What a memorable year & new TrailTrax orienteering events

by Jon Lucas, 20 Nov 02.

Well our tenth anniversary year was memorable, and we don't mean the awful weather, but for the great support that we received for our events. We have had so many riders come up and tell us about their first race (or our first race).

Why does it always rain on me?

by Paul Howard, 10 Nov 02. Results [  ]

Once again someone out there was doing a rain dance on Saturday night, but it didn't seem to put off any of you keen racers from enjoying a slippery Crowthorne course.

Heath Warren report, Rumours, Provisional dates

by Paul Howard, 28 Oct 02. Results [  ]

We always seem to talk about the weather, but you were there and you still enjoyed the racing. We'd like to think that the improvements to the course are good, and we will be making more before we return in the Spring.

Damp Rabbits in the Warren & Beyond 2002

by Paul Howard, 13 Oct 02.

The sad events that led to our last minute change of venue for the Gorrick 10 Little Brother need no explanation. The police have asked if anyone who rode at Yateley particularly around the end of March/early April 2002, just before our Spring Series event there, has any information to get in touch.

The Sun Gods Shine on Gorrick 10 Little Brother

by Paul Howard, 22 Sep 02. Results [  ]

Well what a tough course moving to QinetiQ provided; the steep ups and tricky downs making for a gruelling race whether riding 1 lap or 5.

Autumn events and the Gorrick 10 Little Brother

by Paul Howard, 15 Jul 02.

We are running another Challenge event in September - 'The Gorrick 10 Little Brother', as well as 2 races using our regular format in October and November.


by Paul Howard, 14 Jun 02.

Article deleted.

Gorrick 10 photos

by Paul Howard, 14 Jun 02.

Thanks to Chris Reed and Roger Wayte for the photographs.

Thanks BOB

by Paul Howard, 11 Jun 02.

Jon Lucas extends his thanks to all those who helped with the course preparation.

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