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Forest Fires affecting Crowthorne and Swinley

by Paul Howard, 03 May 11.

You've either seen the huge plumes of smoke rising into the sky over Bank Holiday Monday or seen the national news bulletins regarding the forest fires in the Crowthorne and Swinley area. We can confirm that at present (3rd May) the fires are as per the map shown below. The local authority and the Crown Estate have closed The Look Out Discovery Centre and other local amenities till probably the weekend. They have requested members of the public to stay away from the area and this includes Swinley Forest to allow for emergency services personnel to continue working together to tackle the fires. People must not impede firefighters in their work and should be aware that the travel of both fire and smoke can change unexpectedly.

The Bracknell Forest Council website is a good local resource providing updates on the fire, and listing the roads that have been closed....


And remember, whilst out riding wherever you are if you spot even the smallest fire please contact the emergency services asap. Often us mtb'ers might be the only people out in some remote part of forest or heathland so can provide valuable early warnings. Take care out there.

The fire centres on an area bounded by the Devils Highway, A3095 Crowthorne to Bracknell road, Nine Mile Ride and the B3348.