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  • HOT Challenge Registration opens at 8.30 and riders may start from 9.00am until 11am
  • COOL Registration opens at 8am and riders may start from 8.30am until 10.30am
  • If you are pre-entered go to that desk and collect your Registration bag
  • If you need to enter at the event, fill in a form and take it to the counter
  • Prepare for your ride and then go to the Start when you are ready
  • Riders will be set off individually and the time noted on the computer
  • There will be FREE water and energy drink and snacks at friendly stops on the routes
  • When you arrive back you will be given a completion award and can then relax, socialise and enjoy the facilities
  • The event closes by 5pm (Hot) or 4.30 (Cool) at the latest
  • All riders over 18 will be eligible to win a Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday in the prize draw
  • Any rider may win a spot prize
  • Timings will be posted on this web site later


  • A mountain bike in good working condition with off road tyres
  • A helmet and gloves
  • Clothing suitable for both the event and the weather conditions (for safety reasons we will check)
  • A puncture repair kit/inner tubes and a tyre pump
  • Tools and a First Aid kit
  • Snacks plus a water bottle or a hydration system
  • A mobile phone and some loose change


Ensure your number board is visible and securely attached to your handlebars. When you are ready, wait at the START point for your start time to be recorded. The map is a guide only, our route is marked with black arrows on fluro yellow background and hanging red & white tape.

The Medium route shortcuts the Long route and the Epic route is the 2 routes combined.

Please take extra care at road junctions and remember that this event is NOT A RACE.

Call Event HQ if you have a problem, the numbers are on your route map.


Long Route: #1 at 22 km, #2 at 37 km.
Medium km Route: #1 at 22 km


Make sure you pass the FINISH point to have your return time recorded.

ALL riders must return to the Finish - please call us using one of the contact numbers on your map if you do not complete your ride so we can log you back in.

Event HQ closes at 5.00pm.