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Brass Monkeys Series Points at Round 2

by Paul Howard, 15 Jan 24.

Points uploaded for Round 2. Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category. Click through for download...

Brass Monkey Round 2 - The New Year Hangover results

by Paul Howard, 07 Jan 24. Results [  ]

First visited by a Brass Monkey race in 2009 the woodland surrounding Eelmore Plain revealed it's hidden secrets over a 5.6 mile track. A pleasing mix of flowing singletrack interspersed with some fireroad for rest and nutrition. The course team had spent many long days over December preparing trails, but the excessively wet weather in the run-up to the event brought the water table higher than we've ever seen it. Not surprisingly splashing through some large puddles riders encountered wet feet. P.s. I can highly recommend winter boots or overshoes to keep the feet dry'ish and warm. Fortunately the nature of the ground is not made up of sticky mud or clay, so all was rideable with a bit of effort. Thankyou to all the riders for supporting and our sponsors Muc-Off, Four4th Lights and Mountain Trax. We're looking forward to the final round on the 28th January at Minley Manor where Series Podium Presentations will be made. Note the points table after round 2 will be updated by next weekend. See you there.

Muc-Off Brass Monkeys XC Endurance Series R2 - Sunday 7 January - Eelmore Plain

by Jane Lucas, 11 Dec 23.

Eelmoor Plain, a new venue near Aldershot, is a significant addition to our event locations. It's a typical, large heathland venue with great areas of open woodland, fire roads and rolling hills but no big climbs or descents, and lovely flowing singletrack - trust us, you'll love it...

Brass Monkeys Series Points at Round 1

by Paul Howard, 06 Dec 23.

Points uploaded for Round 1. Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category. Click through for download...

Brass Monkey Round 1 - Christmas Cracker Results.

by Paul Howard, 03 Dec 23. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

The Christmas Cracker - Round 1 of the Brass Monkey Series - made a welcome return to Porridgepot Hill, a venue that always dishes up a fantastic course. We're pleased to welcome aboard new title sponsor Muc-Off for their support and sponsorship...

TORQ 3-6-9 Endurance XC Race - 5 May 2024

by Jane Lucas, 21 Nov 23.

It's back! But as a re-born event for all you XC Endurance lovers. The TORQ 3-6-9 will take place on the first Bank Holiday Sunday in May and is headline sponsored by long term Gorrick sponsor and partner TORQ Fitness...

Muc-Off Brass Monkeys XC Endurance Series - Starts Sunday 3 December

by Jane Lucas, 15 Nov 23.

As the premier XC Endurance events in the South, the hugely popular Brass Monkeys Series is held at outstanding venues over 5-6 mile laps. Comprising three rounds in December and January, Gorrick are pleased to announce Muc-Off as a new sponsor...

Halloween XC Classic - fun in the rain - results and photographs

by Paul Howard, 29 Oct 23. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

Plenty of rider enthusiasm and good spirits weren't dampened by the heavy showers greeting the Halloween Classic XC at Highlands Farm. The course builders had excelled with an intricate mix of winding trails and those short but stinging climbs...

Gorrick Halloween XC Classic - Sunday 29 October - plus MOUNTAIN TRAX clothing sale

by Jane Lucas, 25 Oct 23.

Coming up soon on Sunday 29 October is our Halloween XC Classic at Highlands Farm, Frimley Green. It's lap based racing at its best, at an all-weather venue where the team have again been working hard to enhance the great 4 mile mix of climbs, descents, single track and resting sections...

Cool MTB Challenge Rider Times

by Paul Howard, 10 Oct 23. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

The hottest Cool Challenge in memory prompted a bumper turnout to tackle the medium and long routes. The rights of way were in fine condition just a little tacky under tree cover, and Collingbourne Woods provided a wee challenge to the unwary or those with minimal tread. The gentle descending singletrack from the top of the woods through the bombholes and beyond flowed superbly and was just reward. Our photographer Kevin was on site to capture your smiley faces, you can view and download his images here. The rider finish times are now published here, listed by pre-entries in alphabetical surname order, followed by on the day entries.

If you fancy a different kind of challenge our Gorrick Halloween XC race is on the 29 October on a short (roughly 3 mile) lapped course full of fun singletrack. Rather than a gentle meander through the countryside it's more of an intense effort lasting an hour or so. Ideal for those new to racing join the Fun 2 lap category. If your stamina is better paced over a longer effort the winter Brass Monkey Endurance Races in December and January feature 2, 3 and 4 hour categories. Expect a 5-6 mile lap over over mixed terrain. Pre-entry for all are open on TicketTailor. See you there.

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