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TrailTrax Brook results

by Paul Howard, 06 Feb 05. Results [  ]

Thanks for coming along to our new venue. I know it was perhaps tougher out there than usual but we like to give a good mix of courses to test your mettle...

TrailTrax entry forms published

by Paul Howard, 03 Feb 05.

Entry forms are now available for download. Currently it's a 1.7Mb file, sorry about that we're working on reducing the file size...

Gorrick TrailTrax news by e-mail

by Jon Lucas, 27 Jan 05.

We now have all our dates set for this years Spring and Summer TrailTrax events starting on Sunday 6 February 2005...

Forthcoming TrailTrax events

by Paul Howard, 16 Jan 05.

The first two navigation events are to be held on the 6th February in Brook, Surrey and the 6th March at The French Horn pub in Alton, Hants...

Eversley TrailTrax report

by Paul Howard, 28 Dec 04. Results [  ]

It was good to see a healthy turnout of riders keen to burn off their Christmas excess on a bright winters day. Though last nights heavy rain had either quickly frozen turning to sheet ice in parts or remained resolutely boggy in others making route choic

East Stratton TrailTrax results

by Paul Howard, 21 Nov 04. Results [  ]

The Northbrook Arms at East Stratton once again proved a popular venue, perhaps it's down to the very hospitable landlord and great food!

Greywell TrailTrax report

by Paul Howard, 19 Sep 04. Results [  ]

Riders were on form today at Greywell - one of the 'easier' venues - with plenty of clearances achieved and times well below the 3 hours allowed. Perhaps the thought of a good hot dinner at the pub spurred you on!

East Stratton TrailTrax report

by Paul Howard, 02 Sep 04. Results [  ]

This popular venue and great pub made up for the nearly typical Bank Holiday weather as light rain just began falling as the final competitors finished, but as ever it was not enough to dampen their spirits or enthusiasm for gaining high scores...

Hawkley TrailTrax report

by Paul Howard, 08 Aug 04. Results [  ]

Every visit to the Hawkley Inn has always been in good warm weather and once again today was a fine day for cycling the ('very' - some would say) hilly terrain of Hampshire...

Rally Raid at Alton - 4th July

by Jon Lucas, 25 Jun 04.

Starting at the French Horn, The Butts, Alton. This is a great new venue for us, where we have the use of the skittle alley for registration, plenty of choice of real ales to sample and great food...

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