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Brass Monkeys Series Points at Round 2

by Paul Howard, 12 Jan 22.

Points uploaded for Round 2. Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category. Click through for download...

Brass Monkeys R2 - Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 09 Jan 22. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

Brass Monkey Round 2 visited the Aldershot Military lands at Hungry Hill which has the highest elevation in the area. It provides the longest climb of any Monkey course, nearing one mile from the Start line to the top. It's always a bit of a wake-up call when you hit that from the gun!...

Brass Monkeys Series Points at Round 1

by Paul Howard, 30 Nov 21.

Points uploaded for Round 1. Points are allocated to the top 40 riders per category. Click through for download...

Brass Monkeys R1 - Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 29 Nov 21. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

It truly was Brass Monkeys at round one if the ice filled puddles on the entrance road to the venue were anything to go by. But it turned out to be a bright crisp day with trail conditions fantastic for racing. The 6 mile lap was a good tester of fitness and bike handling. Climbs were never that long but always just steep and punchy enough to wear you down. However the descents at PorridgePot always seem to go on and on.
Your results and photographs can be accessed from the links above, and podium photos are on the Gorrick Facebook. Series Points will follow this week.
Thanks for supporting Gorrick this year. Have a good Christmas break and we'll see you back at the New Year Hangover on the 9th January.

Autumn Classic XC 2 Results

by Paul Howard, 14 Nov 21. Results [  ]

Thank you to all who raced today and in October, we hope you enjoyed our first XC race events for a while. We'd like to extend our thanks to much loved local bike shop Mountain Trax our number board sponsor and to Four4th Lights our trophy sponsor who make some of the very best night lights around.

There's just a short break until our first round of the Brass Monkeys on 28 November. Entry is open.

Autumn Classic XC 1 Results

by Paul Howard, 24 Oct 21. Results [  ]

What a fine Autumnal day for racing a mountain bike. Sunny, mild temperatures and buff trails to zip around on is enough to make anyone smile. So it was pleasing to see everyone having fun at Highlands Farm. Race results are linked above and podium photos on the Facebook group. XC Round 2 will return here on the 14th November, but as always expect a different course. See there.

Cool MTB Challenge Rider Finish Times and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 10 Oct 21. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

After some early showers, we were very lucky to have so much sunshine that it was hardly a Cool Challenge today, which was nice after a 2 year hiatus due to Covid. Well done to all who rode, especially the younger riders. Riders finish times and photographs are linked above. You are welcome to copy, paste and save your image as a souvenir of your day.

Gorrick XC Autumn Classics - 24 Oct & 14 Nov

by Jane Lucas, 07 Oct 21.

We're getting back to our roots this Autumn, with two XC racing events for riders of all ages (from 8+) and abilities at our all-weather venue at Highlands Farm, Frimley Green. Don't expect the same courses though!

Brass Monkey Results and Photographs

by Paul Howard, 13 Sep 21. Results [  ] Photos [ 1» ]

What a fun way to get back to XC racing with Gorrick on a Porridgepot Hill course that was packed full of entertainment. Well done to all the riders who competed from 2hrs through to 6hrs. All lap times, results and photographs are available via the links above. Podium photos are on the Gorrick Facebook page. More events are planned for the winter so check the calendar and get your pre-entry in now for something to look forward to...

Gorrick Cool MTB Challenge - Sunday 10 October 2021 - Entry Open Now

by Jane Lucas, 04 Aug 21.

Online entry is open now for this year's Cool MTB Challenge on Sunday 10 October at the Sports Pavilion, Charlton, Andover...

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